We know your customer

It is our mission to recognize the needs of your customers and enabling online retailers to personalize every single shopping experience

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We help your customers to find what they are looking for

We help your customers to find what they are searching for and give them personalized incentives to maximize your conversions and revenue

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We personalize your customer communication

Maximize your revenue through automatically sent and personalized notifications and enrich your newsletters with personalized product recommendations

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Recommendation Engine

Today’s customers not only enjoy personalized shopping experiences, they expect them. YOOCHOOSE can help. With YOOCHOOSE recommendations, you can personalize and offer your customers highly relevant recommendations based on current and past shopping behavior.

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Personalized Search

With YOOCHOOSE Personalized Search your customers will find what they are really looking for in your online shop. Search function provides an updated response on every key-stroke with personalized search results ranking and displays recommendations allong with the search results.

You will get a professional product search engine with auto-complete, suggestions, various filter options and support for multiple languages.

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Targeted Notifications

With YOOCHOOSE Targeted Notifications you are able to automate the sending of personalized e-mails to customers and encourage them to return to your online shop.

You will be able to easily recover abandoned shopping carts, send automatically generated “We miss you e-mails”, if a customer hasn’t showed up for a while or send him personalized newsletters with relevant product recommendations.

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