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13 August 2015

THE HUMANOIDS, waiting for the door

Throughout history mankind has developed tools to enhance human capabilities, often pitting human against machine. The concept of man vs machine has influenced Hollywood blockbusters, sci-fi novels, and pop culture worldwide. How will technology change, and perhaps inspire humanity?
(Written by: Roderick Thomas-Marketing Manager at YOOCHOOSE, Martin Stroschein Partner Manager at YOOCHOOSE )

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13 July 2015

The Content Advantage of Small Businesses

Here’re some of the inherent advantages that small business possess, which should allow their content marketing efforts to be more effective.
(Guest Blog-Post by Alex Plotnikov, Chief Marketing Officer at our Partner Magecloud)

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25 June 2015

Where Content means Business for Consumer Goods

Branding and e-commerce interact with the same prospective consumer, and it’s vital for companies to see that connection clearly in order to leverage that relationship and drive business. We have highlighted how to succeed in both branding and e-commerce in two recent blog posts.
(Written by Fabien Ignaccolo, Chief Sales Officer for eZ Systems, and Michael Friedmann, CEO of YOOCHOOSE)

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