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15 June 2015

Where e-commerce meets content

To be successful at e-commerce you have to follow the simple path: Attract new visitors, turn your visitors into customers and customers into a frequent buyer. In order to attract new visitors to your shop you have to use the whole range of marketing measures like SEO, advertisement, newsletters, etc. But how do you turn a visitor into a customer? How do you keep them from bouncing right away after hitting your landing page?

The answer is simple: The products and content you display need to be attractive. It needs to be attractive in all areas like style of presentation, picture quality and navigation to the content itself.

While content in e-commerce did mean for a long time only a bullet point list with some product features and pricing, this is not enough today. With the growing power of price comparison pages, and the power of search engines, you either have the choice to compete on price or you need to differentiate your presentation with additional content.

Beside the presentation and the general quality of your e-commerce presence, content will help you keep visitors attracted to your website. Although they might change their minds when deciding between prices, your content gives them the necessary information to drive that purchase. This is especially important for high value goods like LCD TVs or dishwashers. In most cases for a household, this is a major investment that the purchasers will need to live with for years. Therefore they will plan the purchase a bit more carefully as for a less expensive item, like a book or DVD.

But what content is relevant for a decision making process? Of course there is not just a single answer to the question, and it always depends on the products that you are selling. Imagine you want to buy a new LCD TV. What kind of information would you use to prepare yourself? A product flyer from the vendor? Consumer reports? User testimonials from other users? These are just a few options and most of the time, the most important ones. But there is even more you can do! Did you think about an article on how to place a TV in your living room or a do-it-yourself instruction on how to mount the flat screen with wall brackets to your wall? This is the way how modern e-commerce sites keep visitors engaged.

If you use standard solutions for search and product recommendation to make sure your visitors will find what they are looking for, you might want to consider tools to manage additional content efficiently along with your product offering. You need a Content Management System (CMS), as most shop systems still focus on a pure product presentation. You need to be able to generate and maintain the different content alongside the products. It should at least have the capability to manage different kind of object types, like the mentioned before, vendor descriptions, test reports, external resources like reviews or articles around the products.

Together with eZ Systems we will hold a webinar at the July 2nd 2015 to tell you more about the advantages of using eZ Publish as a CMS in e-commerce scenarios and how you can differentiate from the giants of Amazon and Alibaba.

Register now for the webinar!

Also take a look at the blog post of eZ Systems for more information about the interaction between brands and consumers written by Fabien Ignaccolo, Chief Sales Officer at eZ Systems.


(by Michael Friedmann, Founder and CEO at YOOCHOOSE)

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